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  • How long is the shelf life on your products?
    Products are made to order lasting 6-9 months after order date.
  • Will the Turmeric scrub help with my uneven skin?
    Yes, it will help even out the skin tone. Turmeric is known for it lightening abilities in combination with the oil blends it will give you a brighter appearance.
  • Will I have an allergic reaction to your products?
    All of our products are natural & organic, We use the highest quality of oils and butters. However please read the ingredients list before purchase because you might be allergic to an ingredient in product. Every individual is different.
  • Are these products tested on animals?
    Never. Being an animal lover, I value the beauty of life. Our products has & will never be tested on animals.
  • Are all of the ingredients organic or just a few?
    70% organic, 25 % natural, & 5% fragrance ( This is for scented products only when essential oils are not added for fragrance)
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