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Hello Natural Beauty!


Seeing the world differently after Covid -19, I wanted to use my ability to create a skincare line  that can help others  using simple, clean, ingredients. 

Allow me to introduce  myself . My name is Stacy, I’m the Founder and CEO  of ORGANIC HONUA

 Organic Honua is a handcrafted skincare line that is made with Organic & Natural ingredients without the harsh chemicals. Our journey started 2 years ago,

my family & I, showered multiple times daily in hope of not contracting Covid-19. Our skin became dry & itchy  and we became very frustrated, knowing that I needed to do something to help us , I started seeking ways to nourish our skin.

Deep down inside I always knew that clean skincare should be high quality, readable ingredients & affordable. So I set out to find that. I started with a few ingredients in my kitchen in Long Beach NY and tested it on my friends and family


So naturally I followed my passion and created a blend of Butters, Herbs & Oils. that is good for all skin types that nourishes and gives you a healthy glow!

 We all have busy lives but taking a few minutes out of the day for yourself is very important. So why not indulge in something that’s actually good for you!

Thank you for choosing ORGANIC HONUA now let’s all INDULGE in NATURE!

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